About Marina

Marina Brass Fitness Model

Marina Brass has always had a desire to craft her body to its maximum potential. From just 21 years old she competed as a fitness competitor and since then has competed in some of the biggest fitness competitions against the very best throughout the world.
Her work has taken her all over the globe, from competing in Spain against the very best in the IFBB to modelling in the USA for some of the biggest names in fitness photography. Marina Brass was a great fitness competitor and is a well-recognised fitness model with one of the very best bodies on this planet.

A passion for exercise and fitness

From a very young age Marina has always shown a great interest in exercise and fitness. At just 17 years old she became a hip hop dance trainer and although she visited the gym most days it wasn’t until she was 20 years old that she would find the weight room. At 20 Marina met a male bodybuilder who encouraged her to move into weight lifting as her natural genetics had meant her body had already evolved massively from 3 years of heavy dance teaching. That was how Marina became interested in weight lifting and from that moment on the results were incredible and she was hooked.

In only seven months of training at just 21 years old Marina began to compete and very quickly started to receive accolades for her results from names such as the IFBB in Spain and many more. Marina quickly caught the eye of various sport magazines and product manufactures and from that moment on her great career as a fitness model started.
After spending a year competing and taking part in the IFBB World Championships she decided to take a break and go on holiday to Los Angeles, California. As most do in the Fitness industry she went to the famous and world renowned Gold Gym on Venice Beach which was a signature place in the world to train and was a must see for Marina. A week had passed training in the famous Gold Gym when Marina caught the eye of the famous photographer Jerry Fredrick who asked if he could shoot Marina for a magazine called 'Ironman'. This would be the very beginning of her career in the U.S. with Ironman Magazine becoming one of many publications Marina featured in as a leading fitness model.  

Photographed by the industry's biggest names

Marina has been photographed by big name photographers such as Ralph Dehaan who works with magazines such as Flex, Musclemag International, Women’s Physique World and Body Fitness and also Robert Reiff, who works with magazines such as Flex Magazine, Muscle Fitness, Titan Sport and American Curves and who has also photographed well known celebrities such as Jean Claude Van Damme, Prince, Clint Eastwood and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
With Marina’s desire to improve her body ongoingly she has created the perfect combination of muscles alongside explosive sensuality which is why she has been photographed by some of the very best photographers in fitness, lingerie and bikini.
Marina has over 12 years experience in weight lifting, fitness, competiting and dieting and has been involved in the fitness industry as a female fitness competitor/model before this became mainstream therefore Marina brings a wealth of knowledge and experience for anyone looking at the fitness industry as a professional career moving forward.